Tripack produces Industrial Packaging using semi-finished wood and plywood. The design takes into account many factors, such as transport and related needs, protection from atmospheric agents, the composition and type of the product, the logistics, proposing the most convenient solutions.

Plywood crates

They consist of a bottom and internal reinforcements in fir wood and covered with phenolic plywood packaging panels.

OSB paneled crates

They consist of a bottom and internal reinforcements made of fir wood and covered with OSB packaging panels.

Wooden crates

Fir boards placed side by side for packaging in dried wood.

Wooden cages

Consisting of a bottom and internal reinforcements in fir wood and the coating is of spaced boards.

Paretali Collar

Made in wood mm 20 dried and planed with galvanized steel hinges thickness mm 1,5 fixed with rivets, they can be stacked by composing the desired height.
Useful both in the warehouse and in handling. Light, folding, reusable and modular in customizable height.

Pallet for packing

Pallets are the simplest and cheapest solution for packing goods that do not need protection.
Our proposal includes both custom-made pallets, both standard Europallets.
We make custom-made pallets based on customized studies or on customer specifications. The pallets are made with any configuration in compliance with UNI standards and customer needs.
Subject to personalized study, There are no design or manufacturing limitations for the dimensions that our custom-made pallets must reach, or the weight they must be able to bear.

Folding crates for packing

Folding crates are crates that guarantee a good degree of protection for the goods contained, the advantages of folding crates compared to industrial ones is that they take up very little space when disassembled, and therefore allow the optimization of the space used for warehouse storage, they can be made on the basis of personalized studies.

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