Roniwell is a born company in 2012 as a Spin of within a research project, has maintained this line by continuing collaborations with important research centers and currently operates in the environmental field with projects for the water treatment for food and industrial use, operates in the energy sector by collaborating with important partners for the sale of energy and gas and for the production and use of hydrogen.

Furthermore RONIWELL is a consulting company, we operate above all as a support for new ideas, helping to set up start-ups and transform the idea into a business. We cooperate with Privat Equity, we help companies in planning, in strategy, in the management, supporting companies in finding solutions to improve production performance, of marketing, of personnel management for a 360 ° efficiency increase

In this context, Roniwell is able to provide entrepreneurs with services of

  • Analysis and launch start up innovative;
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • planning and strategy

Furthermore, consolidating relationships with private equity and certain financial groups, Roniwell has developed a section that specifically deals with acquisitions and projects for RSA (Healthcare Residences)

Of course, in addition to consultancy, we directly sell cogeneration, photovoltaic panels e solar panels systems for the water purification and bottling for disadvantaged areas; automatic machines .